Admission Advice for Day of Surgery Patients with a Neurolept Anaesthetic.

Radiology SA offers procedures to be performed under a neurolept anaesthetic as a day stay admission. These can be performed at the following sites:

> The Memorial Hospital
> Calvary North Adelaide Hospital
> Calvary Central Districts Hospital

Neurolept sedation (also known as Twilight Sedation) is the administration of sedative medication into a vein to provide light anaesthetic cover, enabling procedures to be performed with minimal discomfort.

You will need to present to the hospital reception desk two hours prior to your appointment time to facilitate the admission process to the Day Surgery Unit. You must fast for six hours prior to your appointment time. In the interest of your safety, the procedure may be postponed if you eat or drink. You may, however, continue to take your usual medications with a sip of water no later than two hours prior to your procedure time.

Patients with diabetes require additional consideration. Please contact the Wakefield Anaesthetic Group on (08) 8232 5755 to discuss your medication regime.

Some blood thinning medication will need to be stopped prior to your procedure. If this has not been addressed when your appointment was made, please contact the radiology nursing staff on (08) 8402 0286 as soon as possible.

Please ensure you bring all relevant paperwork and previous x-rays, a list of all medications and reading glasses if required. You may bring medication that you are required to take during your hospital stay.

You should not drive a car following this type of anaesthetic and will need to make alternative arrangements. It is also advisable to stay with a responsible adult overnight, following your discharge.

After admission, and once you are escorted to the radiology department, you will be welcomed by the nursing staff and anaethetist, and an explanation will be given regarding your procedure.

There maybe out of pocket expenses with some procedures and services you receive, and this may depend on your private health insurance policy. If you wish to discuss any possible out of pocket expenses that maybe incurred please contact our booking staff on (08) 8402 0282.