Susie Saloniklis BM, BS, FRANZCR
Managing Partner, Radiologist

Dr Saloniklis completed her MRI Fellowship at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2003. Susie is a Staff Specialist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and has an interest in hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal imaging. Susie also has a Visiting Medical Specialist position at Breast Screen SA and participates in both screening mammography and regular assessment clinics.


Leigh Mosel MB, BS, FRANZCR
Deputy Managing Partner, Radiologist

Dr Mosel completed Fellowships in MRI and Interventional Radiology at Flinders Medical Centre, after having trained in Adelaide. Leigh currently holds positions as Senior Staff Specialist at Flinders Medical Centre and Associate Lecturer at Flinders University. His special interest areas include musculoskeletal imaging, especially sports injuries, interventional radiology and hepatobiliary imaging. He is an active member of both AMSIG and IRSA.


Paula Averbuj MD, FRACP, FAANMS
Nuclear Medicine Physician, Cardiologist

Dr Averbuj is a non-invasive cardiologist and nuclear medicine physician who is interested in all spectrums of clinical cardiology with a particular interest in women's health and nuclear cardiology. Paula commenced her nuclear medicine training at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Royal Adelaide Hospital and obtained her dual qualification in 2012. Paula has joined Radiology SA working as a Nuclear Physician.


John S. F. Chan MB, BS, FRACR, DDU

Dr Chan spent several years in Whyalla developing skills as a rural radiologist. John's special interest is ultrasound imaging. In particular, John specialises in ultrasound-guided procedures. John's other interests include CT and MRI.


C. Ghee Chew MB, BS, FRACP
Renal and Nuclear Physician

Dr Chew has been a Nuclear Medicine Physician since 2000. In Ghee's current appointment at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and in private practice he actively performs all modalities of scintigraphic imaging including holding certification in PET. Ghee has special interests in nuclear cardiology, renal and musculoskeletal scintigraphy. Ghee is also a Renal Physician with the Renal Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He holds level A CT coronary angiography accreditation.

Greg Compton

Gregory Compton MBBS MMed FRANZCR

Dr Compton graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2005. He completed both his radiology training and his Masters in Medicine (Radiology), at the Austin Hospital. Dr Compton completed a fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada in cardiovascular MRI after his completion of advanced training positions in both Thoracic and Paediatric Radiology. Although his main areas of interest are in cardiothoracic imaging along with paediatric radiology, Dr Compton has sound general radiology skills having rounded-off his experience in a busy general radiology practice in North Queensland. He maintains a keen interest in research and education, having co-ordinated and delivered medical student radiology tutorials, and giving radiology lectures interstate. He has delivered presentations at both national and international conferences and his research can be found in high impact journals in his field including both Radiology and the AJR.


Robert Cooper MB, BS, BSc, FRANZCR
Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Specialist

Dr Cooper is a radiologist and Nuclear Medicine specialist who also holds a Staff Specialist position at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Robert has a special interest in oncological imaging , as well as CT and ultrasound guided procedures.


David Croser BM, BS, FRANZCR

Dr Croser has worked in Darwin since 2003 and is the Clinical Director of the Darwin Private Hospital Radiology Department. Prior to specialising in radiology David trained in medicine and surgery for three years in England. David's interests include interventional and chest radiology.


Glenn Drogemuller MB, BS, FRANZCR

Dr Drogemuller spent 2004 in Adelaide as a Consultant at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Glenn has recently returned to Darwin and is Clinical Director of Royal Darwin Hospital Radiology Department. Glenn's special interests include angiography and intervention, MRI, and trauma imaging.

Esber El-Barhoun

Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Specialist

Dr El-Barhoun studied Medicine at Monash University in Melbourne graduating in 2005. Esber moved then to Adelaide where he trained as a Radiologist mainly at Flinders Medical Centre. After graduating in 2015, he undertook Nuclear Medicine training and graduated as a Nuclear Medicine specialist in 2016. Esber has a special interest in PET imaging, and MRI.


Gerald Fon MB, BS, FRANZCR

Dr Fon was trained in Adelaide and had spent a further two years in the USA at the University of Tucson in Arizona and the University of California in Los Angeles. Gerald holds a public hospital appointment at Flinders Medical Centre and is active in the teaching and training of Registrars. Gerald's special interests include orthopaedic imaging, neurologic imaging, and interventional procedures.


Tim Geake MB, BS, MRCP, FRCR (UK)

Dr Geake trained in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Tim's specialty interests are chest imaging and interventional procedures, with other interests including orthopaedic imaging and MRI. Tim is Consultant Radiologist to the Chest Clinic at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.


Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Specialist

Dr Hall completed her MRI Fellowship followed by specialist nuclear medicine training in 1996. Viv has appointments at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Breast Screen SA. Viv’s special interests include oncology, women’s imaging and dental imaging.


Evelyn Kat MB, BS, FRANZCR

Dr Kat completed a Fellowship in MRI at Flinders Medical Centre in 2002, followed by a position as a Staff Specialist at Flinders Medical Centre. Evelyn's interests include neurologic, orthopaedic and cardiac imaging, CT and ultrasound-guided procedures.


MaryAnn King MB, BS, FRANZCR

Dr King has broad general experience in radiology gained from working in South Australia, Northern Territory and the United Kingdom. MaryAnn spent a year as an MRI Fellow at Flinders Medical Centre and has a sub-specialty interest in cross sectional imaging.


Adam Koukourou BM, BS (Hons), FRANZCR

Dr Koukourou completed a Fellowship in MRI at Flinders Medical Centre in 2005. Following this, Adam worked for 4 years in the Northern Territory as a Consultant Radiologist to the Royal Darwin and Darwin Private Hospitals. Adam is a Senior Staff Specialist at Flinders Medical Centre. Adam's specific areas of interest include musculoskeletal and neurological imaging, Cardiac CT and body imaging, particularly, MRI. Adam also has specific skills in interventional radiology.


Anil Kookana BM, BS (Hons), FRANZCR

Dr Kookana studied medicine at the Flinders Medical Centre graduating in 2003. Anil has trained as a radiologist in Adelaide and Darwin. He has recently completed Fellowships in his interest areas of Interventional Radiology and MR Imaging at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Anil is currently a consultant radiologist to the Royal Darwin Hospital and NT Medical Imaging.


Jon Lennon-George General Manager

Jon Lennon-George studied radiography and business administration at the South Australian Institute of Technology. In 1986 Jon commissioned South Australia's first MRI unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Jon has maintained a keen interest in MRI and combined this with an administrative role as the Chief Radiographer at Perrett Medical Imaging. In June 2005 Jon accepted the position of General Manager for Radiology SA.


Brett Lorraine BM, BS, FRANZCR

Dr Lorraine completed a Fellowship in MRI at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where he now holds a consultant position. His special interest is in cardiothoracic imaging, both CT and MRI, as well as thoracic interventional techniques including tumour ablation therapy. He is accredited as a level B CT coronary angiography specialist.


Ramon Pathi MB, BS (Hons), FRANZCR

Dr Pathi completed Fellowships in MRI and interventional radiology at Flinders Medical Centre, after having trained in Adelaide and Darwin. Ramon holds an appointment as a Visiting Specialist at Flinders Medical Centre. Ramon's specialty interest areas include musculoskeletal, hepatobiliary/abdominal imaging and interventional radiology.


Simon Prowse BM, BS, FRCR, FRANZCR

Dr Prowse graduated in Medicine from the University of Adelaide and subsequently trained in radiology in the United Kingdom and Adelaide. He is also a Consultant Radiologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Simon's special interests include Musculoskeletal and Chest imaging as well as Ultrasound and CT guided interventional procedures.


Nick Rice B App Sc (Physio), BM BS, FRANZCR

Dr Rice has a background in Physiotherapy, and therefore continues his interest in musculoskeletal imaging. Nick undertook an MRI Fellowship at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2005, and currently holds a position there as a Visiting Medical Specialist. Nicks other interests include CT-guided procedures.


Nindi Sandhu MB, BS (London), MRCP (UK), FRCR (UK)

Dr Sandhu trained in the United Kingdom. Nindi undertook postgraduate training at The National Hospital for Nervous Diseases at Queen Square, London, between 1984 and 1986. He has lived in Australia since 1987. Nindi is currently Head of Neuroradiology at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Nindi's specialty interests are neuroradiology, spinal imaging, interventional radiology and uroradiology.


John Sykes MB, BS, FRANZCR

Dr Sykes graduated in medicine at University of Adelaide and then trained in Radiology at Flinders Medical Centre.
Following this he undertook a Body Imaging fellowship in the USA at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
Subsequently he has worked in private and corporate Radiology in South Australia and Queensland.
He is a partner in Radiology SA and Consultant at the RAH with interests in Musculoskeletal imaging, MRI, and guided procedures with CT and US.


Chris Whisson MB, BS, FRANZCR

Dr Whisson trained in Adelaide and New Zealand, graduating in 1984. Chris worked for several years as a staff specialist at Flinders Medical Centre and currently holds a Specialist appointment at the Repatriation General Hospital. Chris's specialty interest areas include MRI, Interventional, Respiratory and Vascular Imaging.


Dr Michael Wilks MB, BS, FRANZCR

Dr Wilks spent two years working in Darwin before returning to Adelaide. Mike has strong ties to public hospital practice and holds Specialist positions at The Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Women's and Children's Hospital, The Royal Darwin Hospital and Breast Screen SA. Mike's specific interests are body imaging and intervention, vascular imaging and intervention, MRI, and breast disease.



Dr Young obtained his primary medical degree from Glasgow University and completed radiology training in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland. He subsequently moved to Queensland in 2003. He is currently working with Radiology SA as resident Radiologist at Cairns Base Hospital. Soon's interest areas are general radiology, and particularly oncology and MSK imaging.